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An Analysis of Web-Chat in an Outsourced Customer Service Account in the Philippines

Developing an English for Specific Purpose Curriculum for Asian Call Centres: How Theory Can Inform Practice

The Workplace, The Society, and the Wider World: The Offshoring and Outsourcing Industry

Learning for the Workplace

Understanding Each Other: Strategies for Accommodation in a Virtual Business Team Project Based in China

What causes communication breakdown in the call centres? The discrepancies in the BPO workplace training and academic research

Consulting Assessment in the BPO Industry in the Philippines

The State of the Art: Asian Call Centre ESP Curriculum and Assessment Development

Dealing with angry Western customers in Asian call centres: a cultural divide

I'd love to put someone in jail for this: an initial investigation of English needs in the BPO industry

Assessment of business and professional Language for Specific Purposes

Are we getting the right people for the job? A study of English language recruitment assessment practices in the BPO sector: India and the Philippines

LSP performance in Asian call centres: strong and weak definitions

Discursive control and power in virtual team meetings

Language and Testing Asia

Training the Call Center Communication Trainers

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